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Mermaid's subsea division is represented by Mermaid Offshore Services, Subtech Middle East, Seascape Surveys and Zamil Mermaid Offshore Services which operates as a unified structured unit across markets offering clients a comprehensive range of subsea solutions through a highly competent technical and operations workforce operating out of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The subsea group commands fifteen (15) subsea vessels, three (4) of which are specialized dive support vessels ("DSVs"). The fleet is complemented by (5) saturation diving systems, twelve (12) air diving systems and eighteen (18) remotely operated vehicle ("ROV") systems, all of which can be deployed to any region. The subsea group has capabilities to serve clients across South East Asia, India, China, the Mediterranean, West Africa, the Middle East, the North Sea and the Sakhalin Islands in Russia.

(as at 16 December 2013)

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